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Keeping it Interesting Or Be Your Own Runway

One of the most common organizing challenges is deciding when it’s time to part with clothes. I’m an organizer and I find it agonizing. We’re all attached to things- you, me, even joy sparking Marie Kondo- and that’s okay. Judging yourself only compounds the problem.There are lots of perfectly understandable reasons why it’s difficult:Maybe you feel badly for buying that expensive piece of clothing that you’ve never worn, now hate and it’s too late to return.Maybe you feel guilty about tossing that heinous sweater your mother gave you for Christmas. Maybe you’ve got a sentimental attachment to a jacket that you haven’t worn in 20 years.Maybe you’re waiting to lose those elusive 15 pounds to fit back into your old favorite jeans.One fun and slightly bonkers suggestion that I myself have been doing these past 5 weeks sheltering in place is to wear something new and different every day. I, like so many others, have a closet full of clothes and wear the same 3 things until they literally disintegrate off my body.So, maybe give it a try. Rediscover your wardrobe. Be your own runway. If nothing else, as the days all seem to blend together under quarantine, at least this will be different. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover you can let somethings go.

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  • “We had a large closet in our front hallway that needed some serious attention. After speaking with Liz about our specific needs for the project, she quoted me a very fair and reasonable price and we made it happen. We spent a great afternoon together going through everything and reorganizing. We couldn’t have done it without her.”

    Albert, Manhattan
  • Liz is amazing. We met at a time when I was moving apartments and needed to deal with large amounts of clutter in order to make packing, and the overall move, work. She helped guide me through a huge, thorough and complete cleaning and reorganizing process that changed the way I use- and see- my living space. I can now get use of things because I can find them, and also because I have less. She truly helped me shed the unnecessary.

    Carolyn, Manhattan
  • “Liz is a magician. She comes over to a place of chaos, works her magic, and leaves behind order and calm – and me feeling a lot happier.”

    Samuel, Brooklyn
  • Liz Savage’s calm, good cheer, insights and natural orderliness turned tasks I had been dreading into projects I could actually accomplish- and sometimes even ones I could enjoy!

    Elisheva, Manhattan
  • “I was awed, I was grateful. Liz was the one. Within two days, she had waded through everything, consulting with me over what to toss and what to file under which category. We came up with dozens…and she created a place for each, writing the headings onto manila folders that she dropped into hanging files in the double-wide, teak-finish filing cabinet I had bought at Ikea five years earlier, but had never made much use of. “

    As seen in the New York Times