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That One Thing (or how to not give yourself a panic attack)

Most everyone has that one thing they really dread organizing. It’s that one project that somehow magically moves to the bottom of the to do list. For many, it’s clothes. What do I keep? What do I toss? How do I store what I keep? How do I decide what to throw out? It can be emotionally exhausting.For others, it’s an actual room or space; a crammed closet, a basement that’s become a dumping ground or a garage, which has devolved into a hodgepodge of sporting equipment, holiday decorations, tools and all those things you meant to donate. That can be physically, as well as psychologically tiring.The challenge is two fold: the task itself, which may or may not be bad, and then the feelings around the stuff, which can be emotional and complex. I get it. And by the way, lest anyone think I say this on high, I’ve got my organizing albatross too. Pictures. The thought of going through them fills me with trepidation.But when I’m helping someone, I have the luxury of objectivity. I see the task at hand and don’t have all the feelings around the stuff. So, the question is what is your one thing? Is there someone who you can recruit to be objective as you tackle the project? A suggestion, for what it’s worth, is: 1/ Identify that thing you really don’t want to do2/ Find someone to be objective (and keep you company)3/ Break it down into manageable pieces and resolve to complete one the tasks.Rome wasn’t built in day and your attic probably won’t be sorted in one afternoon. Do your best.

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  • “Liz is a magician. She comes over to a place of chaos, works her magic, and leaves behind order and calm – and me feeling a lot happier.”

    Samuel, Brooklyn
  • “I was awed, I was grateful. Liz was the one. Within two days, she had waded through everything, consulting with me over what to toss and what to file under which category. We came up with dozens…and she created a place for each, writing the headings onto manila folders that she dropped into hanging files in the double-wide, teak-finish filing cabinet I had bought at Ikea five years earlier, but had never made much use of. “

    As seen in the New York Times
  • “We had a large closet in our front hallway that needed some serious attention. After speaking with Liz about our specific needs for the project, she quoted me a very fair and reasonable price and we made it happen. We spent a great afternoon together going through everything and reorganizing. We couldn’t have done it without her.”

    Albert, Manhattan
  • Liz Savage’s calm, good cheer, insights and natural orderliness turned tasks I had been dreading into projects I could actually accomplish- and sometimes even ones I could enjoy!

    Elisheva, Manhattan
  • “After working with Liz, I have to tell you guys that she’s great. We got more done in less time than any other organizer I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many since 20 years ago in my ongoing battle with clutter and disorganization. I’ll have her here working on the next layer early next year. Her rates are also very reasonable.”

    Ellie, Yonkers