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Spark my what?


Anything (or anyone) who helps you live a calmer, lighter life is priceless. Maria Kondo , organizing guru du jour, is receiving a lot of press and praise for her “does this spark joy?” approach.  People are swearing by her, but with a slightly glossy eyed Jonestown jubilation. I remain a[…]

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Clever little tricks


This cute little video from Slate about getting grease out of clothes doesn’t really have anything to do with organizing, but I love clever tricks like this. Another one: did you know that a terrific way to get get wax off candlesticks is to freeze them? Magic.

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Making the best of the space you’ve got


Found this  useful piece from Huffington post about making the most of the kitchen space you’ve got. Most of us are not going to have kitchen cupboards like Oprah, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great anyway.    

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Is it spring yet?


Woke up this morning with the temperatures far below zero, fantasizing about that first magical  jacket-free day we’ll have here in New York City. When otherwise stoned-faced and smartly dressed New Yorkers emerge from their apartments, giddy and un-self consciously, in last years spring fashions, practically skipping down the street.[…]

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  • Liz is amazing. We met at a time when I was moving apartments and needed to deal with large amounts of clutter in order to make packing, and the overall move, work. She helped guide me through a huge, thorough and complete cleaning and reorganizing process that changed the way I use- and see- my living space. I can now get use of things because I can find them, and also because I have less. She truly helped me shed the unnecessary.

    Carolyn, Manhattan
  • “After working with Liz, I have to tell you guys that she’s great. We got more done in less time than any other organizer I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many since 20 years ago in my ongoing battle with clutter and disorganization. I’ll have her here working on the next layer early next year. Her rates are also very reasonable.”

    Ellie, Yonkers
  • Liz Savage’s calm, good cheer, insights and natural orderliness turned tasks I had been dreading into projects I could actually accomplish- and sometimes even ones I could enjoy!

    Elisheva, Manhattan
  • “Liz is a magician. She comes over to a place of chaos, works her magic, and leaves behind order and calm – and me feeling a lot happier.”

    Samuel, Brooklyn
  • “We had a large closet in our front hallway that needed some serious attention. After speaking with Liz about our specific needs for the project, she quoted me a very fair and reasonable price and we made it happen. We spent a great afternoon together going through everything and reorganizing. We couldn’t have done it without her.”

    Albert, Manhattan